Sunday, March 01, 2015

Dave Lindorff: "If We’re Going to Defend Social Security We Need to Understand It" @ This Can't Be Happening!

The Republican-dominated Congress, with the help of a cadre of sell-out conservative Democrats in both chambers, are gearing up to attack Social Security again, under the guise of “saving” the program.

The attack will be brutal, because the program’s assassins understand that this is probably their last chance to undermine Social Security. With the Baby Boom generation born after 1946 now seriously starting to file for retirement benefits, it will soon become such a mainstay for so many people that it will be impregnable, unless already undermined.

A person born in 1946 could have retired at age 62 as early as 2008, and next year could retire at 70 and receive maximum benefits. There are already seven years’ worth of Baby Boomers who are at least eligible to start collecting benefits. By the time the last Baby Boomer born in 1964 is eligible to retire in 2026, the “senior lobby” of Social Security-eligible voters will be more double what it is today, and more importantly, will represent a 50% larger as a proportion of the voting population than in today’s population. Social Security’s enemies in Congress and in the business world know that as powerful as the elderly vote is today it will be 50% more powerful in years to come. And don’t forget, it’s not just retirees who ardently support Social Security. It’s people in their 50s and early 60s, who are looking ahead at the program as their salvation in retirement.

Polls show that even among the young, there is strong and abiding support for this flawed but critical program founded in 1936, which today provides 100% of income for one-seventh of all America’s elderly, and 90% or more of income for one-third of the elderly. Another one-third depend upon those benefits for more than half their income. Most of the rest too depend on their Social Security benefits for basic expenses like food and rent. It’s the rare American who just uses their benefit checks for vacations, luxury purchases or investment purposes.

But for all that Americans remain incredibly ignorant about the program, and are losing out on many of its benefits because of that ignorance. If this information were more readily available and understandable, it would be far harder for the program’s enemies to successfully attack it.

I’ve been writing about Social Security for years, and am happy to say that, only weeks away from my 66th birthday, am also getting close to the point where I will personally become a beneficiary of the program.

First of all, let’s address to the main arguments of attack made by Social Security’s enemies. These are:

Social Security is going to go bankrupt. This bogus argument alludes to the fact that the Social Security Trust Fund, a surplus that was deliberately created over time as a result of a “reform” of the system instituted in a compromise plan developed by President Ronald Reagan and the Democratic Congress in 1983, specifically to provide funding for the looming wave of Baby Boomers who were not only more numerous than anticipated, but who were living longer than their parents...

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Secular Sunday's episode, March 1, 2015, Radio Free Kansas

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Why not?

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"Saturday High Noon" Program Summary: Feb. 21, 2015

Dorothy and other Kansas expats can still hear the latest on Radio Free Kansas.

To listen today, or anytime click here.

What's the matter with Kansas? "The Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy recently reported that Kansas has the ninth-most unfair tax system in the county. A Kansan earning $47,700 a year pays 9.5 percent of income in state and local taxes; but someone earning $1,191,700 pays an effective rate of just 3.6 percent."

So much for the 'trickle down' libertarian economic theories masterminded by: the Wichita plutocrats Charles & David Koch; and implemented by Gov. Sam Brownback and his super-majority in the state legislature.

Program Summary: 21 Feb. 2015

Kansas legislative news shorts provided by the Kansas National Organization of Women, the Kansas Democratic Party, Kansas Farmers Union, local news media, etc.

Hear what committee chief is holding up Medicaid expansion in Kansas, and why. Also the latest last ditch attempt to keep irrigating federally subsidized crops in the Kansas southwestern desert.

Then we jump into Talk Radio Europe on Syriza facing off with the European central bankers and the European Union.

2nd Hour - Hear the latest (released for distribution 20 Feb. 2015) from investigative reporter, Tony Gosling & "Old Labour" Martin Summer as they host from Bristol's community radio station the "Friday Drivetime" show.

All that and more on today's Radio Free Kansas.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

What kind of KS lawmaker is this?

Monday, February 16, 2015

Hear the historic Valentine's Day Topeka protest for "Equality and Justice for all."

Photograph courtesy the Facebook Event page, here.

Norwegians, who have a largely socialist-democratic country, raise their kids with the adage, "There is no 'bad weather,' only 'bad clothes.'"
People were put to the test against freezing conditions at the Valentine's Day protest, on the south steps of the newly renovated Topeka statehouse which provided severely limited access to restroom facilities.
A Saturday eye-opener to the power of a determined bunch of people.

"We, as Kansans, are used to turning hard ground." 
-  Thomas Witt, Equality Kansas speaking from the statehouse steps.

This was a demonstration unlike any I've seen in the years since Brownback came to power. 

The descriptive term "historic" is often abused, but after listening to Rep. John Carmichael's speech describing the progressive (revolutionary Radical Republican) roots of Kansas, is a pleasant surprise in the phone ear buds, or blasted on the home computer.

Attended by a rotating audience of approximately 1000 with streams in several directions of freezing people to and from various warm enclaves, a determined demonstration spontaneously organized with as little as 72 hours notice, appeared on the south side of the Kansas statehouse. 
Hear just a few of the voices leading this grassroots movement of rebellion against the theocratic fascist dog whistle that now rules the state of Kansas.

The fantastic Internet Archive provides a simple player with a free download show page here.