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Really? #AmericanSniper controversy is revealing ...

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Thom Hartmann's Friday Drivetime Segment

Thursday, 22 Jan. 2015 RFK's "Law and Disorder" with 2nd hour special on Barrett Brown

Learn about the Anonymous movement, and the imprisoned writer, journalist and satirist Barrett Brown, sentenced to 5 years and a $890,000 fine.
Now available to listen or download at the Internet Archive. Ad free, click here.

Jeff Durkin: Jan. 22, 2015 Kevin Gallagher @FreeBarrett_ Trial


[Excerpt] ... Charles and David Koch are so in control they
decided to throw open the shutters on the political bull session slated for Sunday.

They plan to offer a live web feed from the tony Palm Springs conclave where three GOP Presidential aspirants, Florida's Marco Rubio, Kentucky's Rand Paul and Texas' Ted Cruz will genuflect before the Koch Boys in an effort to curry their favors and access to their network of mega-donors.

Rand reportedly has the inside track for the affection of the Brothers Two. He has courted Charles at the headquarters of Koch Industries in Wichita.

There is a single dark cloud on the horizon that could rain on Koch parade. The latest Washington Post/ABC poll has Hillary Clinton destroying by double digits all GOP comers in the Presidential contest. She beats Mitt Romney by 14 percent points and is up 13 percent over Paul, Jeb Bush and Chris Christie. ... [End of Excerpt]

Friday, January 23, 2015

Barrett Brown's Sentencing Statement Released 22 Jan. 2015

A detailed written "allocation" to the Dallas court's judge before his final sentence was announced today. It has been delivered by the important Free Barrett Brown web site. Click here.

Jason Hammond's Sentencing Statement, Released 22 Jan. 2015

Jason (l.) and Jeremy Hammond, both now incarcerated.
Jason is twin brother to Jeremy Hammond who is currently serving 10 years for hacking.  Jason has been sentenced to 3.5 years for an entirely different matter.  Read his moving sentencing statement here.

Upcoming on Al Jazeerah's "Fault Line" this Monday

Why are so many oil workers dying in the Bakken Oil works? Click here to watch the upcoming show. And now that the Yellowstone River has been polluted the second time in less than a year local reports that citizens are getting concerned. Click here for the filed story.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

21st Century Revolutionary Has A New Beat! Support #FreeBarrett Brown

Radio Free Kansas 2nd hour Live! Here is the link to today's show:

Journalist Barrett Brown is being sentenced in Dallas, Texas today, January 22, 2015.
Follow #FreeBB and @FreeBarrett_ to see the support you are contributing to and to get the updates as they become available.  
Journalists and supporters who are present in the courtroom today includes (but is not limited to):
@DouglasLucas – Douglas Lucas
@carwinb – Alexa Obrien
@FreeBarrett_ - Free Barrett Brown (official)
@apblake – Andrew Blake
@Jeffwrcct – Jeff Durkin
@Baseljanitors – Mystery Man
@dellcam- Dell Cameron
For a comprehensive list of our courtroom supporters, subscribe to this list.
Get your Free Barrett Brown images here and credit goes to the amazing @SomersetBean
Also note, while we appreciate and agree with comparisons to Hunter S Thompson, this is sometimes not well received, and we would appreciate you taking that into consideration.
Steal these tweets by copying, pasting and then posting them (this is much more effective than retweeting – It takes a few seconds more but your efforts are appreciated).
Also, as new updates become available via @FreeBarrett_ and the others listed above go ahead and copy and paste their new updates as well to keep the tweets current.
Here are tweets to copy and paste for those of you who need them, for the rest of you who are cool with the facts about the case please make your own, and we’ll copy and paste yours. Team effort, you in?
The world watches as Barrett Brown goes before a judge on Jan 22 concluding a long, agonizing ordeal. #FreeBB
The practice of journalism as we know it is on the line. Will the courts reward the government's misbehavior with more injustice? #FreeBB
Will true justice and common sense prevail? Can the courts correct the wrongs that have been done with a sentence of time served? #FreeBB
Journalists, human rights organizations and mainstream media all need to be paying attention to the outcome today. #FreeBB
Break through some of the secrecy about this case - these are the ACTUAL charges #FreeBB. Read our FAQ:
Doubt that this case was illegitimate should be now be dispelled. Barrett Brown IS a political prisoner #FreeBB
The DOJ is arguing for max sentence based on charges Barrett Brown no longer faces & for which he was never convicted. #FreeBB
Look into the story of #FreeBB to understand the vicious prosecution and the violent twisting of facts @wikileaks
US government's argument against Barrett Brown "should chill journalists to the bone".  #FreeBB
Remember: BB faced 105 years in prison: Investigating gov'ts surveillance contractors. #FreeBB Jan22
#EndgameSystems? @ProjPM Why is the US Gov SO aggressive in the case of Barrett Brown? #FreeBB
These people seized a man's Declaration of Independence and tried to malign his "anarchist" political philosophy. Blatant. Ironic. #FreeBB

Tuesday, January 20, 2015


If you’re planning to commit an act of terror in the US and want to be left alone by the FBI, make sure your target is something, or someone, that the US government doesn’t like or care about.

Consider these two terrorist plots.

Just last wee, on Jan. 14, the FBI announced that it had arrested Christopher Lee Cornell, a guy in Ohio the bureau alleges had plans to attack Congress with pipe bombs and guns. Apparently acting alone, Cornell is alleged by the FBI to have “researched how to make pipe bombs” (there’s no indication that he actually made or tested any actual bombs), and to have purchased a pair of M-15 semi-automatic rifles and ammunition. How Cornell, who is described as a self-styled “jihadist,” but one with no real connection with foreign Islamic militants, planned to get past the metal detectors and tight security at the Capitol Building in Washington, was not explained, and probably was not known to Cornell himself. It also appears that the FBI was watching Cornell all along, and no doubt encouraging him too, as it was working with a snitch -- a man facing prosecution who was in communication with Cornell and may well have been a provocateur, given the Bureau’s prior history of luring vulnerable people into planning terror acts which it then busts.

Compare this case with one we reported on earlier here, which was in the works in the fall of 2011. I’m referring to a terrorism plot in Houston, TX, which the FBI did not report publicly, but which was instead disclosed thanks to some documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act in 2012 by the Washington, DC-based public interest law firm Partnership for Civil Justice, and which involved an apparently well-developed plan to assassinate leaders of the Houston Occupy Movement. Those documents -- internal memos sent out by FBI offices in Houston and Gainesville, FL -- refer to “one identified [deleted]” that “planned to engage in sniper attacks against protesters in Houston, Texas if deemed necessary.”

The initial memo, sent to FBI headquarters in Washington from the Houston FBI office, went on to say that the “identified” plotters “had received intelligence that indicated the protesters in New York and Seattle planned similar protests in Houston, Dallas, San Antonio and Austin, Texas,” and that they “planned to gather intelligence against the leaders of the protest group and obtain photographs, then formulate a plan to kill the leadership by suppressed sniper rifles.”

A second memo, sent out by the Gainesville, FL FBI office, says that the Houston assassination plot, while not executed, was actually just put on hold...

For the rest of this article by DAVE LINDORFF in ThisCantBeHappening!, the new independent, uncompromised, five-time Project Censored Award-winning online alternative newspaper, please go to:

Check out, and consider contributing to our fund raiser. Information is available right adjacent to this article. We're hoping to raise the funds to allow the journalists in this TCBH collective to take the time away from our day jobs so we can actually dig up the news that isn't getting covered, instead of doing it in our spare time. Please help us, even if it's just $5!

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Dear Michael,

Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was a radical. On MLK Day each year, politicians and the mainstream media sanitize his legacy so that we will forget how change really happens, but that’s the truth. Dr. King and his fellow civil rights leaders regularly asked 
everyday people to put themselves in danger, facing down armed police, angry white mobs, and public officials who told them to wait. Dr. King believed in taking action and used civil disobedience, boycotts and sit-ins to disrupt business as usual, facing not just public outcry, but police dogs, water hoses, and arrest.

Take action this weekend to #reclaimMLK.

In the months since Michael Brown, Tamir Rice and Eric Garner were brutally killed by police, we’ve seen a growing movement reclaim Dr. King’s real legacy.

These walk-outs, die-ins, and disruptive direct actions across the country are about more than police violence and a broken criminal justice system. The civil rights movement brought about enormous change in our society, yet our entire political and economic system remains rigged against Black Americans. Until we transform those systems, we’ll all continue to suffer. That’s why it’s crucial that we honor Dr. King’s radical legacy by continuing the fight for racial justice in our country.

Here’s how we at National People’s Action see the situation today:

Black Americans are disproportionately impacted by economic inequality. Despite the fact that the vast majority of poor people in the United State are White, poverty is characterized as a Black problem, racializing the issue and dividing the poor based on race.

Indeed, large corporations and the 1% rely on racism. Racism is a powerful tool used to justify growing inequality. Because racism is such a powerful force in our country, large corporations and the 1% can count on people to support policies that hurt all of us when they play the race card.

We cannot reverse the ever expanding economic inequality in our country without ending racism.[1]

The uprising against police violence and the growing Black Lives Matter movement can change the way America thinks about race and economic inequality, but only if we continue to take action.

Starting today, #ReclaimMLK actions will be taking place around the country. We urge you to visit to find and join an action near you. If you don’t see an action taking place in your area, consider leading one.

Every major advancement in our nation’s history happened because people like you and me made the decision to act. Thank you for making history.

NPA President Rev. Dr. Eugene Barnes and the NPA team

[1] Ned Resnikoff. “The Year in Inequality: Racial disparity can no longer be ignored.” December 16, 2014.




The Problems with Being Charlie

Islamic terrorists prepare to execute a wounded policeman after their attack on the offices of French magazine Charlie Hebdo on Jan. 7, 2015.
It’s one thing to decry all terrorism and defend the principle of free expression; it’s another to show disproportionate concern for some victims over others and to embrace offensive or irresponsible media content, troubling issues from the Charlie Hebdo case, says ex-CIA analyst Paul R. Pillar.


Crime and CIA Embarrassments

Gen. David Petraeus in a photo with his biographer/mistress Paula Broadwell. (U.S. government photo)
Exclusive: Ex-CIA official Jeffrey Sterling is going on trial for espionage because he allegedly told a reporter about a botched covert op that sent flawed nuclear designs to Iran, but powerful people want to spare ex-CIA Director David Petraeus indictment for leaking secrets to a mistress, notes ex-CIA analyst Ray McGovern.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

RFK Alert! #FreeBarrettBrown Special 2nd Hour Today!

SUSTAINABILITY ACTION NEWSLETTER, 15 Jan. 2015 @ Discomfit Magazine

Chair Joan Wagnon: MY RESPONSE TO BROWNBACK'S INAUGURAL ADDRESS @ Kansas Democratic Party

Dear Michael,

The Governor's Inaugural statement, once again, is designed to make people feel good about him, his leadership and living in Kansas. But he ignores the reality that has been created by his policies of the last four years. He idealizes the family and ignores the alienation that people feel because of the hateful politics that have created such divisions in our state and country.

He says, 'we must substantially reduce poverty', but ignores that poverty in Kansas increased dramatically during his first four years in office.

He says, 'Too many people have not progressed in recent years, in many cases held back by an economy that is growing too slowly or an overly paternalistic big government'. And yet his tax policies have failed to grow the state's economy, and in fact, job growth in Kansas lags behind all the surrounding states. His tax policies have worsened the divide between rich and poor and have benefited the wealthy and well off while reducing programs for the poorer Kansans such as homestead relief for renters and food sales tax rebates. These policies are the source of the alienation that voters felt when they failed to register or vote or participate in government.

He says, 'we have to admit there is a crisis of the family in our country;' yet he defines family in such ways as to exclude same sex families and single parent families. They deserve protections in law just as everyone else does.

He says, 'Our culture is at its best when we protect and encourage the weakest.' Kansas Democrats agree; But Brownback doesn't want government involved in those protections. You only have to look at the drastic changes he made in state social services that have forced poor people off the welfare rolls and increased the numbers of children in foster care.

Kansas Democrats do believe that we should make Kansas the best state to raise a family and start a small business--we just call on the Governor make his actions meet his words; to examine his proposals in light of what he says he believes.

Governing, like raising a family, also takes character and courage, strength to meet obligations and accept responsibilities. Governor, we hope you find the character, courage and strength in your second term you need to meet the largest fiscal and constitutional challenge Kansas has ever faced.

Joan Wagnon
Chair, Kansas Democratic Party


[Excerpt] ... Late last week, the Associated Press reported that a federal grand jury is investigating loans made to Brownback’s re-election campaign in 2013 and 2014. The only loans included on campaign finance disclosure reports those two years were from Brownback himself and his lieutenant governor, Jeff Colyer. As the AP noted, the loans — quickly repaid — raised significant questions:
Colyer loaned Brownback’s campaign $500,000 in August – the third such loan the governor’s running mate made to their re-election bid – according to the last disclosure report, filed days before the November general election.

Such large loans by candidates to campaigns are uncommon in Kansas, and the pattern of repaying one within days is an unusual move that generated unanswered questions about where Colyer obtained such a large amount of cash.

Brownback’s campaign paid Colyer back $400,000 on Nov. 21, about two weeks after the election, according to the finance report filed with the Secretary of State’s office on Thursday. There is still $100,000 from the loan not yet repaid as of Dec. 31.
Brownback isn’t commenting on the investigation, beyond referring local reporters to his office’s statement last week that the investigation lacks merit. The probe comes as top Brownback loyalists find themselves ensnared in an FBI “pay-to-play” investigation. ... [End of Excerpt]

Read the complete article at Salon.